Where does this idea come from that we have to be motivated in order to do something? That something is not worth doing unless we feel motivated to do it?

Should we stop brushing our teeth because we don’t feel motivated to brush them?  What would happen if we stopped changing the oil in our car?  How do we decide what it is important or not when it comes to actions we “must” take, vs. actions that seem to require more motivation or reward?

Where does this idea come from that we shouldn’t do things unless they make us happy in the moment?  Has anyone thought about how completely asinine that is?

What if there are things that are very important to do, for unseen reasons, that we will only accomplish through a combination of motivation and discipline?

Self discipline is one of the, if not the, hardest things we wrestle with – yet it is what truly gets things done.  It eliminates the possibility that we will start something and then simply let it fall by the wayside once we get tired of it.  It is something we must force ourselves to use as a tool to accomplish things.

It is not always easy.  It is not always fun!  Sometimes it is very, very boring – and very, very hard!  Sometimes we really don’t want to do it!  But guess what?  Amazing things were not built by laying down a few stones, and then getting bored, getting up and walking away because your back hurts.

Amazing things were built through hard work, discipline, getting up and doing the same thing over and over and over again in order to build something strong.  And you won’t always be motivated!  In fact, some believe that there are things that actually try to intentionally stop you from using your gifts and talents to build, create, or have the discipline to keep important routines that make you spiritually and physically healthy because they don’t want you to succeed!  These things want you to be distracted, distraught, confused, or whatever it is so that you cannot fulfill the role that you were actually put here to fulfill.

So, if you don’t feel motivated to do the things you know you are supposed to be doing…think about the word “discipline” and the actions it takes (from you) to keep that alive! Consider your values and your goals, and whether or not a little bit of strained effort to maintain discipline in your actions might be worth it in the long run!

You may have only one life – better make it count.

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