Get back up.

I have climbed over many mountains in my life, and felt like I’ve fallen from many cliffs…the one thing that has never left me is an unwaivering faith that all things will work out as they are supposed to, and the drive to forge ahead with tenacity no matter how many disappointments or obstacles I encounter. With all of the ongoing and never-ending challenges in life – it is so easy to get the wind knocked out of you, to feel like giving up, and to believe the fear that tells you things are not going to be ok. We have a lot to fight through and whenever there is a break in the storm, inevitably another one will be brewing. I think the key is to always continue working hard, showing as much love and kindness as you can to those around you, and knowing that even when tragedy or obstacles strike – there really is something bigger at play that has our backs. And there are ALWAYS creative ways to work through things. They may not always go as we plan – but by remaining humble, willing to give, and drumming up that drive to push forward – the doors that are supposed to open, will.

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