Dream of Miraculous Wine

June 11, 2015

Last night, I dreamt one of the most amazing dreams I’ve ever had …:

I was outside at night in more rural country on what felt like a warm summer night with just a slight breeze – I don’t remember seeing the moon, yet it felt like it was shining…and came up upon a small slightly inclined hill, and suddenly saw a small tree filled with big juicy bunches of fresh, mature purple grapes! The tree was too small to hold the weight of the grapes on the tip-top and it keeled over at its topmost point with the weight of such deliciousness.

Ecstatic – as I LOVE freshly picked seeded purple grapes – and amazed at my luck to find such a tree, I put my hands out to touch and pick a bunch of them – SO excited to eat one…….when I noticed right next to it in the night-time light, a pile of about 60 or so tiny avocados!

They were like “mini” avocados, many the size of small jalapenos, most of them ripe. I gasped in amazement at all of the abundance I’d found and marveled at the size and shape of the miniature avocados as I picked up and put down a few, holding them in my hand – feeling their smallness and ripeness with thrill!

My eyes moved upward from the pile to see about 3 feet away where the avocados had rolled down from, a short small very bushy avocado tree/bush STUFFED with more avocados! I felt like I was in Hawaii though the climate and landscape was dry, grassy, California-Mediterranean like nightscape..and.the surprise of such abundance filled me.

There was also, next to the grape tree a big hole in the ground, a dry well about 5 feet in diameter and maybe 10 feet deep…..Suddenly a huge gush of red cme from the grape tree and a footwide gushing stream of red wine came rushing forth eththusiastically, emptying directly into the well!! The grapes at the bottom of the tree seemed to turn into wine as the steady gush poured forth like a dam that had been plugged and waiting to burst!

I looked on in amazed shock at the scene as this crazy huge amount of wine poured splashing into the well. I quickly got up to run inside the house to get a pitcher so we could save some of this miraculous wine! …I remember observing the earthen walls of the well, wondering if the wine might end up being absorbed and seeped up into the earth – but saw and knew somehow that they had been well worn and baked by the heat, and would be very watertight as to store the wine effectively.

I leapt up, ran down into the house below and grabbed a plastic gallon pitcher from above the refrigerator, and ran back up, so excited to catch the wine.. When I got back, a friend already had one pitcher filled, and I kneeled down, my pitcher quickly filling as the wine poured, or rather gushed, in a stream almost as wide as the pitcher’s mouth! It splashed a bit, and I pulled the pitcher away – red dotting my arms and hands, and the outside of the full, clear plastic pitcher. I pulled it out and set it down next to the well, alongside the other full, yet more regal-looking white and blue porcelain pitcher my friend had filled.

I sat back for a moment on the dry, flat grass and took a breath – blinking silently at the entire sight, at the fruit, the pitchers full of wine, and the miracle of the wine itself…revelling in amazement at my luck to have happened upon such rich abundance.

I am 100% convinced that I was given this dream as a gift…after a very very hard and dangerous road in my life, and left at the end with nothing, having to start all over again, unsure of what would happen next…at the time I had this dream it filled me up with hope, faith, and a reassurance that all of the things I need will truly be brought to me in order to secure my way. And that the gifts I will be given will be nothing short of miraculous..

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