Johanna Williamson is a lifelong writer, artist and innovative creator with a flair for business. A Northern California native, she currently resides with her family in Oregon, United States. She has always hoped to paint pictures that would change people with her writing.

Though her imagination would suffice to create many an entertaining and engaging story – her journeys through the bright heavenly peaks and dark shadowy valleys of life have given her fodder for material that could only be inspired by the divine – and it is from that place which she writes.



One thought on “About

  1. Johanna Williamson is an insightful and elegant writer. Her depth and choice of commentary will make this generation think soulfully about the various topics she addresses. In a world of simplistic thinking and lack of philosophical purpose, her words are a breath of fresh air, rooted in the hallowed. I have thoroughly enjoyed her writing and celebrate that she is beginning to share her wonderful outlooks.

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